Friday, November 14, 2008

So I am really into stroller shopping lately. I know, it's ridiculous!!! Like I said before, I really love the Bugaboo strollers- especially the Bee, but they are just insane in price. If we lived in a city where we walked everywhere (NYC), I'd justify it. But not in Lansing. . . booo

So then I found the uppababy vista stroller and I loved it! It's a cheaper than the bugaboo and so adorable. Isn't it awesome? But again, just too much moolah for us to justify. But if anyone has the desire to surprise us with one. . . I wouldn't be opposed. . . :)

Because we attempt to be good stewards of our money- we finally found one we love and it wont make us live off of ramen for a year- check out the babyjogger city mini- it's awesome! Were getting black because I'm all about strollers that are easy to match a car seat with and are gender neutral.

So there ya have it- if you happen to be in the market for some sweet strollers- these are my picks.


Erin Morgan said...

Chaeli - Have you looked on I've heard that they have a ton of deals recently. Keep watching and you might find the stroller that you want for super cheap!!

Jon said...

Ohhhh, this, I need to check out. Thanks Erin!

Jon said...

Oh, Jon is Chaeli. . . . didn't realize he was logged in, you know.