Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Baby,

We are praying you have don't have my skin or Jon's nose. If you do, we'll still love you like no other- but maybe God will grant us this wish? :)
I'm hoping you are a cuddly, gentle soul, like your dad. But maybe you'll be rambuncous and a non-touchy person like your mom. Whatever your personality is, I'm sure it'll be so amazing to watch it develop. By the way you kick me when I wake up, I have a feeling your like your mama and you like your sleep (dear Lord please!)
Also, if possible, please don't have a massive head. We you-tubed some live birth videos and it kind of scared us.
We love you,
Mom and Dad


Katie said...

Hahahahahahaha, love it! I can't wait to meet the mini-Ackerman!!

Mark Zubert said...

Bwahaha... touching and hilarious!

Erin Zubert said...

Oh man, so funny! I said similar things, like that Westin should hope to have Mark's nose and teeth, and my...ummm how about height?

jayfersgirl said...
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jayfersgirl said...

Love it!:) My aunt and uncle have 4 gorgeous children, but they said when they looked in the mirror together before their first was born, they said "This could be very bad!"
You guys don't have that to worry about! Your baby will be adorable:)
Jay and I did say similar things when I was pregnant, too, though:) I was very much hoping she'd have Jay's nose and not mine -- thankfully, she got his:)
You are incredibly brave to watch live-birth videos! Here's hoping for a small head:)
Giving birth is extremely intense, but you know even in the midst of it (and I did it without any pain meds whatsoever) that the pain will eventually end -- and the reward at the end of it makes it all so worth it:) In the midst of it, I was thinking "Why would anyone do this ever again?!?!" but literally 2 seconds after Brooklyn was born, I thought "Oh, I'll do this again! It wasn't that bad!"
You'll do great!:)
~ Cara

T Heap said...

Awww....sweet and funny...this baby will definitely have a sense of humor! Love you all!

Jim & Wendy said...

Very cute!


What are you doing watching live births?!?!

Chaeli said...

Hahha, well. . . I am curious about what I've gotten myself into here. We basically laughed and then flinched for most of them.
How was your BIRTHDAY Wendy?!!

Meaghan said...

you are CRAZY watching live births!! but good for you :) loved reading the blog and catching up on the Ackermans :) miss you!