Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm going to try to get back into posting regularly. . . .

Ohhhh, Sunday night at 9:00 and we havent sat down yet this weekend, crazy! I think it's safe to say we've been kind of busy lately. . . 
Last weekend Friday we were at Trunk or Treat at Trinity and saw all the adorable kids in their outfits.  Wasn't it the nicest Halloween weather ever?  Saturday we went to GR for the day- I was able to see Josh and Michele and their new baby boy Lorens (such a cute little guy) and see Wendy.  I met Andy, Dave, Sarah and Catherine for dinner later that night and that was cool to catch up. Jon was filming a (ahem) very hi end wedding (were not allowed to say whose wedding it was, yup). You can see photos on the photographers blog:  Sunday we had church, grocery shopping, a going away party for our friend Adam and a Kenya team meeting.  

This weekend was super fast but fun.  We met Katie and Cliff at the Howell Outlets so I could do some preggo shopping.  I love those guys.  Saturday we went back to GR to help John and Kym  move. Today Jon's parents came up to hang out for the day and now Jon's off shooting a video for Trinity.

On a completely different note, a couple that was in our small group for two years  faced a tragedy earlier this week- his brother fell from 10 stories while working construction and passed away.  It was shocking. Tomorrow is the funeral- please pray for the Lowe family as they are just coming to grips with all of this.  Sam was 24 years old and on the verge of proposing to his girlfriend.   Crazy how life can change with one phone call.  

Well, there's a quick wrap up of our life.  Sorry I STILL have yet to post NYC and DC photos!!!!


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Anonymous said...

HEy Chae!! :) Those wedding picts looked like something out of a bridal magazine- wow!!! So amazing! You look great by the way! Love the belly! :) Talk to you soon- Marissa