Friday, September 19, 2008

To caffeine or not to caffeine?

OK, question for all the ladies out there who are currently preggo or have been:

Did you drink caffeine while pregnant/breast feeding? If so, how much? What about diet pop?

I gave caffeine up completely during the first trimester, but I hear it is okay in moderate amounts.

I seriously want your input!

-Crazy Pregnant Lady


T Heap said...

I stayed away from it...but I'm really not a coffee drinker or for that matter a soft drink person. But, I had a friend who gave up coffee except for Sunday morning...she gave herself a treat!

Now, after pregnancy, I crave coke..go figure :)

Jamie Bretveld said...

First of all, Congrats on the pregnancy! I'm sorry you haven't felt real well. Secondly, I'm not a huge caffeine person to begin when the occasional time pops up when I do want something with caffeine, I have it. I'll be honest, I have NO self-control when I'm pregnant.

Erin Zubert said...

You know me and pop....*drool.* I drank it in moderation and didn't really discriminate against the diet pop of the world. Limiting yourself to one serving of a caffeinated beverage was my rule of thumb, but even so I didn't have it every day.

Erin Morgan said...

You are so funny, crazy preggo girl!! :) I am not so much a coffee fan, but a Starbucks fan. I tried to go decaf if I was gonna have more than a tall to drink, and other than that, I did the moderation rule too. Even with chocolate and other items that are looked "down" upon when pregnant...

You're doing a great job! Enjoy these next months, as they are the fun ones, before baby comes!

jayfersgirl said...

I didn't drink caffeinated beverages at all during pregnancy, because I knew if I started I wouldn't be able to rein myself back in again:) I take it back -- I had one Dr. Pepper about 2 weeks before Brooklyn was born...I just had to have it:)
I still ate chocolate things though. It's all about moderation.
As far as breastfeeding, they told me that caffeine is the one thing that has been shown to pretty much make all babies sick, so I made sure not to have ANY for the first 6 weeks after she was born. Now I've had a tiny bit like chocolate chip ice cream, and it doesn't seem to bother her, but I still haven't had caffeinated beverages -- no one wants a fussy baby:)
~ Cara