Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh how the City of Lansing sometimes stumps me..

So in somewhat of sheer stupidity see this link.  It seems to be more than counter intuitive. I would say that a license would be more along the lines than banning them all together and then going back to see what sense they can make of it.  On another note, we at the Ackerman household have started to compost.  I am not sure what my neighbors will think but at least they finished up their fence and so now the kids next door won't have direct access to our back yard.  Now to figure out how to keep the noise from drifting over...



Ron & Judy A said...

Hi you two.

I found your blogspot... have you been to ours? It's

You are doing good helping your friends.

We have been over at Uncle Carl's a lot. Mom has been helping to clean house, and I was helping Carl with putting in some wiring out in his garage.

Guess I need put this stuff on our blog so everyone can read it.


Meaghan said...

Ridiculous! Scooters are some peoples only mode of transportation! what wealthy discrimination! thanks for the link, jon :) glad to hear you two are doing well-- ill be praying for mariam and your whole small group chae (ok, i know that was a below post, sorry!)! love you both! meg

LaineCusi said...

We started composting too! I eventually plan to use it in my garden. Its been interesting so far.... Oh and we have issues with our neighbor's kids too, we have a "privacy" fence around our backyard (pretty standard in florida) but the kids climb up on something in their backyard and watch us over the fence whenever we're swimming. Its a little awkward but we're getting used to it. :)