Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sheesh, so sorry it's been so long since an update! We got back from our vacation and that Monday I left for a company retreat up north. After the retreat I had a girls night with our marketing director whose up from Texas (and preggo, yeah!!), started our registry with Jon, met the lovely Erin, Westin and Mom A in GR for dinner, saw my friend Jonelle and her baby Kailee and went to our favorite Uncle John's Cider Mill with our neighbors. I've been holding off blogging until I could post photos, but it's now 10:00 on Tuesday morning and I'm at work, so no photos today, sorry!

Nothing crazy new or exciting to post. The biggest thing going on in my life today- I'm frustrated with my clothes. See, there ya have, we are an exciting crowd here. Though honestly, I'm at this weird stage where I still fit into my regular jeans, but they're getting tight and slightly uncomfortable. But my maternity jeans do not fit- they wont stay up! So, I feel kind of uncomfortable and nothing seems to fit right. Well, I'm done complaining about that. Halloween costume this year: Bristol Palin.

I'm outtie- I need to get some work done.

Maybe next time I'll have photos!


T Heap said...

Chaeli, you crack me up! I'm sorry your clothes don't fit :( I remember those days...I just wore the same pants that did fit over and over again! Just give it a few more weeks. Love the Halloween costume!

ckuretich said...

Bristol Palin! love it.
Chaeli I forgot you had this blog! Congrats on being pregnant, how fun.

{lacey} said...

I cannot believe you're still fitting into your regular clothes at 21 weeks along! Are you kidding??? I'm only 11 weeks and already having to do up my pants with a rubber band looped through the hole and around the button thing. (But my maternity pants are still way too big.) Then again, maybe it has to do with this being my fourth baby in 4-1/2 years. Still - 21 weeks is impressive. Good for you! Try the rubber band trick, as long as your shirt covers it. OR they sell these things that are almost shaped like a tube top that covers up your unbuttoned pants (goes around your waist/hips), and looks like a tank top under your shirt. I've never used one of those, but they look like they'd work well. OH, and I had no idea Jonelle had a baby! How exciting! How old is Kailee? This is long - I should've just emailed you instead!