Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy week! Jon got a call last Friday regarding a project that would need to be finished before we leave for our vacation. It's great, because it's side business work, but it means he will be working like a crazy man until we leave!! Luckily, we were able to celebrate his birthday before the craziness began! On Saturday, we headed to Portage to see my brother Steve's cross country meet. It was such a flash back of the past because I ran at the same invitational when I was in cross country. Steve kicked butt, I was so proud of him. Cross Country is a sport of pure guts. It doesn't take a lot of eye/hand coordination or a lot of strategy, it's pure guts. In a strange way, I don't miss it at all, but the adrenaline of it all I love! Kind of like when I watch the marathon during the Olympics, it always makes me cry. These runners are DYING and their courage to continue always moves me.

Then the family (including Jon's parents) headed to a Cider Mill and then out to Red Robin's for lunch. It is always such a blessing to Jon and I to see BOTH sides of our families get together- we are truly thakful for them. We also went putt putting (I got THREEEEEE hole in ones, can you just believe it?) and out to coffee with the Ackermans. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABES!

Well, I need to get to work. I'll wrap this up by saying a) Mark Driscoll is awesome and b) check out his blog at
Jon clued me into Mark and his ministry and I love it!! He did a series called, "Ask Anything" in which members of his congregation could text message questions into Mark during a sermon, and Mark would answer the questions on the spot. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend watching his answers on You Tube- search Mark Driscoll- Ask Anything. He is one of the few pastors willing to talk about the questions people struggle with- real people, real questions, real struggles and real answers. You may not agree with everything, but that's okay. Do it- go now.

Chaeli :)

P.S. We'll begin our series today called, "what not to say to a pregnant woman" that my friend Laine began.
Last night- Jon and I were watching TV and the man said to me, "you look like you have a beer belly!". Yes, honey, that would be one of the things NOT to say to me right now. OK?

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Erin Morgan said...

After I had Finnegan I really had a complex about my stretch marks. I was embarrassed about them and really hated the way that they looked (now I view them as battle scars and I'm proud to have them, although I'll never be in a bikini). One morning I was getting dressed and Ken said "Sorry Roger, you tiger now!" (Like the verizon commercials that were one at the time). Yeah, do don't say that to a pregnant girl (or a new mom) :)