Saturday, March 27, 2010

Right now I'm. . .

-Reading cleaning tips from Show Us Your Life at Kellyskornerblog. It's seriously challenging me. I love a clean house (who doesn't) but I suck at cleaning. I'm learning so much, seriously!! haha

-Flipping through the Park Lane Jewelry catalog online, I went to a girls night out party last night that my friend Cathi hosted- featuring this jewelry. SUCH cute stuff!

-Wondering why Brennan kept waking up for Jon last night after he put him down to bed. Eventually Jon just took him out of the crib and waited for me to get home. I tried putting him down to bed and he still cried. We let him cry for about ten minutes before he finally fell asleep. What the heck? NEVER does that. Children- they're nothing if they aren't unpredictable!

-Still digesting information from a deep conversation we had with friends last night- about healthcare and student loans and the death penalty and human trafficking and bailouts. It's always great to be stretched by friends. Lots of stuff going on in our world right now, LOTS.

Loving the fact that it's Saturday, it's sunny, and it's warm! Have a great weekend!

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