Monday, March 29, 2010

Snaps from the Phone

Some photos I took with my cell phone documenting the last few weeks of our life:

A comforter set I'm thinking about buying for our bedroom- but I can't decide if it's too busy of a pattern or not. What do you guys think???

"HI Mommy"

Our new curtains- this took a lot of brain power. . . seriously.

My sweet, sweet friend, April, was in Houston on business. We met up at a hotel downtown and grabbed lunch together. She is the best.

I take Brennan to the park by our house quite a bit- here he is about to pet a puppy we met!

Last Wednesday night, Jon was working late on a video shoot he had at the church. I took B to ToysRUs to waste some time. I took this photo for Aunt Sue!!!

I made chocolate chip scones this weekend for the first time. They were yummy, especially with the morning coffee!

Brennan sleeping in the car on the way home from Old MacDonald's Farm.


Carrie Feitl said...
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Katie said...

LOVE the comforter! :)

Chaeli said...

Carrie- we carpooled to Old Macdonald's farm- he was using a friend's old infant seat. He's in a convertible rear facing seat normally!

Erin Zubert said...

Me thinks your prospective comforter looks like the background on your blog. It seems you are attracted to it, so go for it. Oh, and I like it too, but I'm not the one that will be using it. Well...unless we come back for another visit, then we might;)

Chaeli said...

Erin- I do love myself some damask pattern!

Erin Morgan said...

love the comforter set. I would totally get it. I don't think it's too busy at all! Love it!


Jennifer said...

I was going to say the comforter matched your blog background too. I like it, but I get bored with patterns, but I don't know if you do. You could always go with the duvet cover idea we talked about the other night.

Aunt Sue said...

Thanks for the pics Chaeli. Looks like he's moved up a tractor size! He looks happy and healthy, maybe he belongs down on the farm! Thanks for keeping your blog going. I love watching B grow.

Kym said...

We have that comforter in blue (like your background)! We love it! you should buy it, we got it on sale for $59, great deal!