Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coming soon. . . .

I WILL BLOG SOMETIME SOON. Promise. It's been a crazy week with family visiting, me getting a super sucky stomach bug, and throwing Brennan's birthday party. We had such a fun time with Mom and Dad Ackerman and the Zubert clan. Thanks for visiting guys!!

In the meantime, here's a fun blog to follow (well, fun is relative. . . I think this stuff is super interesting but maybe you're rolling you eyes. Too bad, don't read it then). Check out A Month Without Monsanto. This woman decided to go a month without eating/wearing anything with monsanto seeds and she uses her blog to document it. I learned about monsanto when we watched "Food, Inc." a few months back. They are a seed company that produces GMO seeds and owns the patent to those seeds. (Aunt Sue probably knows way more about this than I do!). Anyways, Monsanto GMO's seeds are in EVERYTHING and it's interesting to see this woman try to live without them. I don't know much about the ag industry- but this stuff is interesting.

Also- check out this blog for a yummy homemade mason jar frappuccino.



Jennifer said...

My mom recommended that movie Food Inc. What did you think of it?

LaineCusi said...

Chae, we watched food inc and then I also read an article about Monsanto, interesting and frustrating!
Anyway, looking forward to seeing your post on B's birthday party!

Chaeli said...

Jennifer- you should watch it- it's good. The part that kind of blew me away was realizing who much power the food companies have.

Laine- post coming soon- someone tranquilize my child so I can blog! :)