Monday, March 15, 2010

Brennan and Lincoln sleeping on the way home from the airport

Brennan has been struggling for a month straight with a continuous ear infection. We're going to see the ENT in a few weeks. He also just got his 12 month shots which are giving him a fever. Plus he's teething. Oh, and he has a runny nose and a horrendous cough. Oh yes.
Despite that, he's been doing some really fun things and learning so much. I'm determined to focus on the good things right now :) Just the past few weeks he has started to do the following
-play peek a boo (he puts his hands on his forehead and a little bit over his eyes, too funny!
-give high fives
-sign "all done" and "more"
-booty shake dance to music
-give kisses (melts my darn heart)

And the cutest thing of all- his walk is like a high step bowl legged cowboy, and when I lean down and have him walk to me I just love it!

B man,
Mom and Dad hope you get better soon and your ears feel better. We love how cuddley you've gotten lately and how much you are learning.
You're the best!

Mommy and Daddy (aka mama and dada)


The Feitl Family said...

Isn't the learning awesome at this stage. Are B's kisses big open mouths ones? That's what I get from Ash. She is playing peek a boo too. She does right hand on the side of her head and covers her left eye. Soooooo cute! Glad you are celebrating the good. Scott's parents come today. Can't wait for them to hang with the girls. But boy is the house harder to clean these days with little miss take everything off of shelves, drawers, know.

Scott finishes his Master's this weekend. We absolutely need to figure out how to get together now.

Chaeli said...

We so need to get these two together!! That's exactly how B kisses and does peek a boo! Have a wonderful time with your family and YES we really would love to get together (in Dallas)?
Want to shoot for middle of April?

jayfersgirl said...

Poor B:( I'm glad to see in the latest post that he's finally getting better.
Gonna get up on a teeny-tiny soapbox for a know that it's okay to delay vaccines if he's already sick. Even if you just delay a week or two.
We hardly vaccinate at all, so of course I'm passionate about vaccines in general:) But you do want them at their healthiest before putting that stuff into them -- even the doctors would recommend not doing shots when their immune system is already compromised.
However, doctors also really want kids vaccinated, so they probably don't volunteer that info to you:)
Okay, I'm done -- just thought you might want to know for future reference:) No biggie, of course, and you didn't do any permanent damage or anything! Just a little tip in order to not make things worse when he's already sick, so you don't lose your mind from all the sickness:(
Then again, it might be nice to get it all out of the way at once, right?:) But I can't advocate that, since it can actually be dangerous to do certain shots when kids are sick already.
Anyway, I'm done preaching about vaccines -- feel free to just ignore everything I've said if it's totally annoying. I just thought "Aw, poor Chaeli!" when I read that he had shots on top of everything else, so I wanted to help...but maybe this isn't helpful:)