Friday, March 19, 2010

Life in Brief

I think Brennan is getting better. The last two days have been awesome with him. I love that kid.

Ate at Gringo's tonight on the patio. Split fajitas with the hubs. So good. Ate fast, B was restless. The free ice cream is always amazing.

Told Jon I wanted to stop blogging. He told me to continue so our family and friends can keep up with us. I told him I hate putting time and effort into posts and not getting any responses- I wonder if people actually read it and appreciate it. He told me to do it for the love of blogging. I do not love blogging. But sometimes it's fun.

SO excited that I'm going to Chicago in July to meet up with some very good girlfriends for a weekend. SO excited. Did I say that already?

Family photos tomorrow. Trying to decide between matchy outfits or not. Hope it doesn't rain. Hope the photos turn out. At least one. Feel slightly guilty that these are only the second professional photos we've had of Brennan. But then not so much considering we have The Daily!

Loving this weather. I have a tan. Yes I do.

Next week is the last week of our Inheritance study of Beth Moore's. Then we move onto studying the book of Revelation by her as well. I've never studied that book. Looking forward to it.

We bought curtains this week for the living room. The house feels so much more homey.

I'm tired. Only thinking in short sentences. I need to go get my beauty sleep for tomorrow. I hope Jon doesn't kick wet leaves all over me like he did for our engagement photo.

I really need to lose these last few pregnancy pounds. They are frustrating the crap out of me.

Can't wait for my parents and Steve to get here in a few weeks!

Nighty night guys!


Erin Morgan said...

You should get the ticker that I have on my blog. It shows the global location of the previous 10 visits. I get discouraged when people don't comment... especially when I am totally posting for particular people. But the ticker shows me that people are checking it and I can sort of figure out who they are by the cities. Check it out!!

Chaeli said...

Jon put up some sort of google analytics for my blog- I should look more into that. Good thinking!!

Is Penelope doing any better with sleeping in?

Ron and Judy A said...

I check your blog daily. I know I never (or hardly ever) comment (same on facebook). I do understand your frustration, but really do love checking it and finding out what's going on in your lives and seeing pictures. It helps me feel close to you three.

What's up with the Chicago visit in July ... dates ... details ... is this part of your visit home ... etc.????

Thanks for keeping us current and blogging. Love ya!

Jennifer said...

I read your blog. It's fun to see how Brennan and Noah are similar/different since they're the same age.

Katie said...

Hi Chae,
I ALWAYS read you blog, but I only comment if I have something to say about what you've just written. I understand you not wanting to blog though- I tried it and hated it. I was also never one for writing in a journal or diary either. But, for selfish reasons, I say keep blogging, because I enjoy reading yours!! ;)

Love ya and miss ya!

Meaghan said...

i echo Katie's and Ron & Judy's comments.. I definitely read and keep up and love it! Just don't have a lot to comment, sorry :) since you've moved, i feel it's more imperative that you blog than ever, ya know?! love you sis

Lacey said...

Chae - I love to read your blog, too, just like everyone else. And I understand about getting frustrated when no one comments. I'm lucky that Luke's family comments on nearly every post of mine, so that usually satisfies my need for someone to notice my work! :-) Do you feel like writing is a good outlet for you, or is it just a pain?

jayfersgirl said...

I read it and would be so sad if you stopped blogging! I don't get comments all that often either, but it is fun to check and see how many visits are actually happening. like Erin said:)
Plus I keep it as a record just for us anyway -- it's totally B's baby book with when she got each of her teeth, when she started crawling/walking, etc.

T Heap said...

Please keep blogging. I understand about the comments, but I was in the store this week, and a former co worker mentioned she reads mine. I'm sure you have lots of followers!!

Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

Hey! I read your blog and I've never even met you :)I mean, I'm not a stalker or anything, but I enjoy hearing about your life, since you're in the same stage of life that I am. I say keep blogging!

Plus, like you mentioned, it's a great way to keep track of milestones :)