Friday, March 12, 2010

A week with our family

We've been living in Texas for a little over six months and we hosted our first visitors this past week. Jon and I have been looking forward to family visiting for a long time! We were able to show where we live and our favorite restaurants and take them to our church- so fun to share our lives with them! My mom and dad and brother, Steve, are coming down in just another month and I cannot wait!!

Here are some photos of the past week. . .

Brennan and Westin loved wrestling together. It was TOO cute! They would also run around the kitchen/living room loop in our house screeching at the top of their lungs- I was laughing so hard.
hahah, too cute!!

Mark, Erin, Jon and I and Westin went putt putting one night while Mom and Dad stayed home with Brennan and Lincoln. Then we went and got Connie's Custard. 'nough said.

While I was home puking my guts out and doing other fun things- the rest of the family went downtown to Hermann Park and Rice Village- two of our favorite spots!

We went the the mall one day when it rained- B loved the indoor playground and I calmly swallowed my urge to scream and run away due to germs.

We played at the two parks in our neighborhood. Westin is learning his dad's favorite sport- golf!

The three boy cousins.

Thank you guys for coming to visit! Y'all come back now, ya here?

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Mark said...

Such a great time -- wish we could have stayed longer! Thanks again!