Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doggies and 5K's and Stroller Fit (oh, and a fun video of Brennan)

***UPDATE- Forgot to include this in my post- I took Brennan to the ENT yesterday and although he still has fluid in his ears, they are not infected. She wants to see him again in six weeks- if he's got an ear infection then, then we'll do tubes. If not, he's free and clear. I really do think the antibiotics were hurting him more than the ear infection- he was a different kid as soon as we took him off those.

I went for a run this morning by myself because Jon's got a head cold. I rounded the corner of our neighborhood to head into the gated part of our neighborhood and lo and behold a little doggie starts running next to me. At first I stopped and told him to "go home". And then I looked around to see if any neighbors were looking for him. Nothing. So I put my headphones back on and continued running. And it was the CUTEST thing, this little dog ran next to me the entire run- and when I rounded that corner again to head home, he took off into someones yard (obviously his home) and went through a doggie door. Apparently, he just wanted a little exercise this morning!! Isn't that hilarious?

I haven't run on a regular basis since before Brennan was born. Heck, I haven't exercised on a regular basis since before B was born. Jon and I are thinking about entering a 5K race for mid April. I'm slightly nervous to register because we've only run a handful of times so far and I'm only up to running two miles right now. And the race is like 2.5 weeks away. But it would be fun, and it would be good motivation AND there's free ice cream at the end (anyone ever heard of Blue Bell ice cream? Yummmm). So we'll see. I'll probably pass out if I try to run 3 miles and Jon will end up pushing B and heave hoing me over his shoulder that last .1 miles. haha.

Speaking of exercising- I'm thinking about joining a stroller fit class. Anyone ever done one? An article on "mommy and me classes" was featured in the Houston Chronicle last weekend, so I googled some of the classes. I'm going to a free "check it out" class tomorrow and then I'll decide if I want to join or not. I like the thought of meeting other woman with small children and getting exercise! I'll letcha all know how it goes!

I'll leave you with a short video of Brennan. A few nights ago we were just hanging out in his bedroom before bedtime and he was being so cute. Note the pj's, I bought him 18 mths pj's thinking they'd fit him- no way, check out the feet!


Jim & Wendy said...

You can do it! Seriously, if you can do 2 miles right now, you can certainly get another mile covered in 2 weeks. I believe in you! :-)

T Heap said...

Love the 12 month age! He is so cute Chaeli! I think you will do great running!