Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brennan's 1!!!

After postponing Brennan's party a day due to my sickness, we finally threw that boy a birthday party! It was kind of a polka dot theme with blue, green and brown colors.

My mother in law made this cake- isn't it awesome??! I sent her some photos of what I wanted and she pretty much nailed it!

Mark put up some balloons around the house- here's a few in the living room

We had "the Daily" slideshow playing during the party. Click here to see the full album.

Cake time! He was pretty overwhelmed by everyone looking at him- he ate some cake out of Jon's hand but wasn't too into it. I was bummed he didn't stick his whole face in the cake! (and yes I made that sign, thankyouverymuch!!)


Jim & Wendy said...

Awww! What a great party. The cakes are awesome and I looove the decorations. Wish Texas and Michigan were closer.

Chaeli said...

Me too Wendy :(

LaineCusi said...

The cake is awesome and so is the sign! I'm so glad you got to celebrate B's birthday with family!

{lacey} said...

You are officially hired to decorate for Jaden's first birthday (and your mom-in-law can do the cake). It's Memorial Day weekend (May 29). Can you be here? ;-) No, seriously - great job!

It's a bummer that he didn't get too into the cake. Our Caleb was the same way. Oh, but Ava, she was all over it. Way more entertaining.

Chaeli said...

If you'll fly me, I'm so there :) Hmm, what should the theme be?? :)

jayfersgirl said...

Love the theme! It looks like Brooklyn's room:)