Saturday, November 27, 2010


He was so excited when we put the small tree up, I couldn't wait to see how he reacted to the big tree. Christmas is like 14,000 times more fun when you have a toddler!

It's Saturday morning and B and I are hanging out at the house. Jon is at breakfast with a friend. B is ooohing and ahhing over the Christmas tree and decorations. He loooves the lights! Now, if we can get him to stay away from the ornaments, life would be good. :)

We went to a friends house for Thanksgiving and had a great time cooking, eating, and playing the wii. I made a sweet potato casserole, toffee and these rolls. I had a slight mishap while making the sweet potato casserole (I accidentally dropped the hot pad in the oven and didn't realize it, while the potatoes were cooking which resulted in a lot of smoke and a flame engulfed hot pad, whoops). I made Jon taste test the potatoes to see if they tasted like burnt fabric but he claims they were okay, whew! It was a bummer not to see our families on Thanksgiving but it helps to know that we fly out in three weeks for Christmas! We were able to skype with The Zuberts and my parents in Buffalo so that was so nice.

Looking at the Black Friday ads (how we spent Thanksgiving morning)

I was totally not expecting to go out shopping yesterday during Black Friday. But Jon and I decided last minute at about 10:30 to go to Kohl's. And it was actually not too crazy! We found some good deals we didn't even know we were looking for (ha!). I also did a lot of shopping online which is my favorite way to shop, especially since a lot of stores give free shipping and we can have items shipped directly to our parents house in Michigan. We also put up the Christmas tree and decorations yesterday. I've got a great video of us putting the tree up which I'll put up later today, we're off to explore downtown, adios!!

Edit. . . here's our video of us putting up the tree (Meggie, like the music??).

Merry Christmas 2010 from Jonathan Ackerman on Vimeo.


Ron and Judy A said...

Wow, you got the tree up already. Very nice. Can't wait to see you all.

Meaghan said...

1) I came to your site just hoping you had a new post! one of my favorite studying procrastination sites... 2) I'm honored that you mentioned me in the nsync xmas video :) love it! cuuute. enjoy the tree for the next few weeks.. see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Cool video- I showed Cliff, and he said "eh, I don't really like the song". :) Merry Christmas! BTW: how about we get together on Christmas eve day? Would that work?

Katie said...

Oops! Anonymous above= Katie (if you didn't get that from the Cliff reference)