Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween- Texas Style!

Lord have mercy. It was hot down here for Halloween! I remember last year wearing a fleece and being really comfortable. This year, not so much. See exhibit A:

We went to a Fall Festival put on by the YMCA and a local church. It was pretty neat, they had train rides and about 10 different inflatable jumping thingys and lots of little games for the kiddos to play. We lasted about an hour and a half before Brennan starting melting, I think he was hot and hungry. Before we left, the sun started to go down and it cooled off enough for him to put on his entire costume. He was enthralled with the firetrucks:

Please note his adorable little monster costume made by my awesome Mother in law! Westin wore it last year and Erin passed it on to us. Loved it!

On the train ride. Thanks for the picture, Fietka!

Brennan and his good friend, Barrett. We could NOT get a photo of both of them looking at the camera!

Afterwards, we went Trick or Treating with him around our neighborhood street. He was ADORABLE. He said, "tick or teeet" and "tnk you".

It's possible Jon and I ate 90% of the candy in Brennan's bag last night and now I feel I need to detox and eat a salad for lunch. Adios!


Jennifer said...

Such a cute costume! I ate too much candy today! I don't even want to know how much!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I loooooooveeee the costume!

Chaeli said...

Hey guys!! Thanks for commenting, I was beginning to think everyone forgot about our little blog!

Katie said...

I ALWAYS read your blog! I'll try to comment more- I'm all about the comments too (on FB, that is)

Meaghan said...

what is life if you can't enjoy your kids candy while he's too young to? :) he is precioussss!

Chaeli said...

Thanks Meg!