Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is the time of year when it gets hard for me to not see our families. It's a long time between August and December, people!! Especially because Brennan is at that age (the first few years of life) where he is just CONSTANTLY changing. In the last few months, it seems like he's become a little boy and no longer a baby. He's hilarious and sweet and afraid of new experiences and awesome all in one.

A couple days ago, I gave him a slice of apple to eat. He was walking around the house whining and pointing at his mouth, but I just kind of ignored it (ha!). A few minutes into this and I decided to open his mouth and just take the apple out since it was bothering him. Well, much to my surprise, there was an ENORMOUS ball of gum and gum wrapper in his mouth. And then I saw the empty gum box in his hand. He had gone into my purse, pulled out the gum, and stuck every single piece, including the wrappers, in his mouth. Haha! No wonder he was whining, the massive wad was just not going away no matter how much he chewed! oh kids, they are hilarious. . .

This past Friday night was Parents Night Out at the church, I love Parents Night Out!! It's from 6-10:00 and it's super cheap for us since Jon's on staff. We went out to dinner and bowling with the other tech arts guys and their wives. We had so much fun!

Saturday was a mostly chill day since Jon ended up going into work for a few hours for the stage reset. Some friends had us over for dinner and they have a son the same age as Brennan. It was fun to see the two of them play together.

The weekend went far too quick and now it's the middle of the week already. Where does time go??

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