Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Dinner, Garage Sale, Samuel.

This past Friday night was the Women's Holiday Dinner at The Met at the Berry Center. I sat at the Ruth table with my Bible study girls. Here's our table decorated as a threshing floor:

I wasn't very much in the Holiday spirit until this dinner, now I'm totally ready for Christmas to be here! As long as I don't hear that horrid Christmas Shoes song on the radio. That song makes me want to vomit every time I hear it. Is anybody with me on that? Horrible song.

Saturday we woke up bright and early for the Coles Crossing garage sale. We had a garage sale with some of Jon's co-workers and I also did some shopping of my own. We didn't sell as much as we hoped but I did find some super cute clothes for B that I'm so excited about! We went home for a few hours and then headed to a friends house for dinner. The food was so good, Jon had to roll me home. Just kidding, kind of. We had bacon wrapped chicken, twice baked potatoes, smoked sausage and all sorts of yumminess.

But Sunday, Sunday was the best day of all because we got to meet Samuel!!! He was at church with his new family. He says he remembers Jon but we're not sure if he recognizes him with his new beard (thank you to No-shave November). You can read about Samuel here. Jon met Samuel while filming in Uganda last year. They brought his story back to The Met during last year's Big Give series. A family was so taken by Samuel and his story they decided to start the adoption process. He's now in Houston and living with his new adopted family. I met his mom yesterday and she 100% reminded me of Leanne Tuohy from The Blind Side.

Today is filled with playgroup at the mall and grocery shopping and laundry. I must run, take care!


Laine said...

Ok so 1. I wasnt in the holiday spirit either until today when we went to Sea World and went on the Polar Express Ride. Now I'm ready for Christmas! 2. I've never heard of that Christmas Shoe song. I googled it just now and listened to it on YouTube, *shudder*. 3. I love buying kids clothes at garage sales! 4. Samuel's story is amazing! I'm so glad you got to meet him! 5. Jed threw in the towel on no shave November today. I think everyone is happier now. :)

Chaeli said...

1.You crack me up!!!
2. I don't have a two. . .

ErinZubert said...

That's quite the dichotomy--a time of year where you are having Christmas parties and then garage sale-ing the next day.

Meaghan said...

that song epitomizes everything i hate about cheesy christian things :) but i digress. also, yay for Samuel! How amazing, God is good!