Friday, November 5, 2010


Today was MOPS day. My favorite day of the week. Who would've thought I would have said that two years ago? (right, Mariam?) Anywho, today was a craft day and we made these:

It can be used to hold a photo or a recipe or whatever you want. And as I was walking through our house, I realized how many MOPS crafts I have around. I think our MOPS at The Met is AWESOME. And the crafts they have are so cool! I even found myself writing an email last year to the craft coordinators telling them how great the crafts were. I had super duper low expectations for all things MOPS and really was happily surprised at how well our MOPS is done. Check out some of the crafts we've done:

A Mod Podge picture frame with rhinestones.

Decorative tile

A memo board (which I use to hold necklaces)


I've also got a necklace, apron and bag in my closet that I made at MOPS. I'm thankful when things are done well and I'm thankful for the leadership of MOPS and the leadership at The Met that support us. It's such a great ministry to mom's who work part time or stay at home and need a time to relax without kiddos and hang out with other moms.

(Shout out to Mariam Perrault, Erin Zubert and everyone else who encouraged me to join it!!)


Lacey said...

Your crafts are adorable! And I'll admit I'm a little bit jealous that our (much-smaller-than-yours) church doesn't have a MOPS program or anything similar. But - I'm SO happy for you, as MOPS must be something that made your transition to Texas easier, and is a bright spot in your life now.

Chaeli said...

Hey Lace!! Do you think you could find a MOPS at another church close to you? There are some women at my table who don't attend the MET but still come to MOPS.

Erin said...

C & L - That's what we do... They don't even have a MOPS in our county, so I travel to a different county to attend MOPS. I really like the contrast that it brings to our weeks. I agree with Lacey - the crafts are super nice. We did a few crafts at our MOPS in Seattle last year. But haven't done any with this new group.

ErinZubert said...

Love love love MOPS! So glad you found a place the group and were brave enough to jump into leadership so soon. I'm going to miss mine this coming Tuesday and I'm so sad. It's our card making "coffee house" day and is such a fun time to hang out and get to know other moms. You did a great jobs on the crafts you made and no matter what you say, you are a crafty girl!