Thursday, January 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life Part II

This week is on your favorite shopping spots- stores and on-line. I'm not that big of a shopper. After about 2 hours, I start to feel overwhelmed and my eyes start to cross. . . a whole day of shopping would wipe me out. But here's the majority of where I shop:

A place I go to a lot to get out of the house with Brennan is Target. I think it's the stay at home mom's haven. We get the pop and popcorn deal for $1.50 (thanks to my sis in law, Kym, who told me about that!) and peruse the aisles. The first time I went to the Target here and asked for the "pop and popcorn" combo, no joke, the cashier did not know what I was talking about. She asked me to "please repeat" what I wanted. Then it dawned on me, "these people have no idea what 'pop' is!". So I asked for the soda and popcorn deal and we were all good. haha.

Marshall's is a great place to find Jon's favorite Express jeans and shirts for me. I would say we buy most of our clothes at Marshall's (or Ross and TJ Maxx).

Gap is one of the few places I can find jeans that fit me. I can't wear normal sized jeans- they have to be petites, or ankles or short. Love myself some Gap jeans!

And no joke- this is where I get about 85% of Brennan's clothes. The rest are from clearance racks. I love myself some baby clothes, but I refuse to pay retail prices!


Amanda said...

Hey! Yes, that is where I went to MOPS last year. I loved it! I didn't get to do it again this year and I miss it. What does your hubby do at your church?

noahandlylasmommi said...

Thrift stores are awesome!

Erin Zubert said...

Oh man, Target toy aisle and a giant fountain pop saved my life a few times.

Summer said...

Over from Kelly's! I love Target....LOL about the popcorn and pop combo except ours is popcorn and slushy! This is are go to place when my 3 year old and I need to get out of the house LOL!

My BFF's little boy's name is Brennan! What a cute name!

Have a Great Weekend
Summer :0)

jayfersgirl said...

I'm a huge fan of the soft pretzel and strawberry "smoothie" at Target...yum:)
We live right by Target, but we're moving next week, and that's one of the things I miss...we're definitely there multiple times a week:)
However, we will now be walking distance from a Marshall's -- so excited:)

kym said...

yes, we too shop at all of the above! The soda :) and popcorn used to only be $1. But lately at check out I have gotten coupons for .50 off!
Brennan is so cute. It's fun when they walk and they are so proud :)