Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Half walk/ half crawl??

The candle story:
We came home New Years Eve and walked into our lovely apt and about passed out it was so hot. Literally, I took Brennan out on the balcony because it was so hot we were worried about him. Jon went to check out the thermostat and it was as high as it could go: 92 degrees (and we think it was hotter than that).

So we opened all the windows, tried to get the HEAT to turn off and called maintenance. After about 15 minutes, the heat finally shut off and about a half hour later the apartment cooled down enough to where we could at least be in it!!

Apparently, the power went out briefly on Christmas Eve and the thermostat must have reset itself and turned to full blast heat. And yes, your math is correct- our apartment was running at full heat for a WEEK. Our candles melted. Our doors no longer shut (door jams expand? no idea), my bags of chocolate chips melted into liquid. . . it was crazy. Can you imagine what our electric bill is going to be? I spoke to the leasing manager and then her manager and am sending our bill to the regional manager of the apt. complex and am TRYING to get them to pay the difference in our bill. I'm really hoping they help us out because in our minds- it was their system that failed. Plus, we intentionally stopped by the front office before we left to let them know we were living for two weeks and to ask them to check on our apt. It will seriously suck if they dont' help us out.

But moving on to better things- Brennan has this new way of crawling lately- he keeps his knees straight and kind of walks on his hands and feet, instead of his hands and knees. It cracks us up- check it out:

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Erin Morgan said...

Wow! That's a story if I ever heard one!! I hope they help you with your bill!! will they be replacing your doors? Or will they shrink when they get "colder"?

Congrats about Brennan beginning to walk. It is very exciting!! When is his birthday? March??