Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Want a Hippopatamus for Christmas. .

I'm inspired to blog tonight because really, it's been far too long!! And I apologize to my dear friend Trisha (who just had a baby girl, Olivia Nadine!!!) because I told her I would blog while we were in Michigan and I just didn't get around to it! Sorry girl! But a huge congratulations to you and Justin on your new baby girl- she's adorable!!

Ok, moving on. . . here's what we've been up to the last two weeks:

My MOPS table had a Christmas cookie exchange. YUM. It was the day before we left for Michigan so I gave the cookies away to some friends- Jon was slightly offended and angry that I would do such a thing and complained for three days afterwards. Sorry honey!! :) And I've got to say, MOPS at TheMET is done SO so so very well- I really had low expectations of it and really, it has been such a blessing to me. I love it!

We had a family Christmas before we left- we decided to give away most of our Christmas money we would have spent on each other and instead gave very low-key gifts- and we both ended up giving each other a bracelet!

I know this might be a bit controversial (but please don't give me your opinion on this blog), but I have been SO excited to wean Brennan for many reasons. I finally weaned him the first few days of our trip. I'm still nursing in the morning and evening so he's still getting (hopefully) some breastmilk goodies- but I am so happy to be (mainly) done!! And I'm proud we made it this far, woo hoo!

We then flew home to Michigan for two weeks. We stayed with the Ackerman clan for a few days and had a delightfully relaxing time. We ate lots of Judy's chocolate covered pretzels/nuts, played in the snow, went to Grand Rapids for an evening and celebrated Christmas Eve with the Gampels.

Of course, Michigan was nice and snowy. I love this photo- it is a classic baby's first snow picture! He wasn't really a fan at first, but after a while he was "okay" with it (if you know Brennan, the child is pretty skeptical of any new experience :)

Mark, Erin, Westin, Lincoln and Marli in the snow

Baby Lincoln with Grammy

The boys on Christmas morning

After spending several days at the Ackermans- we drove to Grass Lake for Christmas with the O'Neills where we got to see these cuties from DC- Meg and Seth.

And these cuties from Sparta

And these cuties. . . . . . . .

And this guy, who no one is willing to claim right now :) Just kidding daddy-0. He's sporting his MichiganAwesome shirt Meg and Seth got him,

One of our presents from Mom was a pedicure- so Saturday morning, Meg, Mom, Kym and I got ourselves some pedis and coffee without any kiddos. Suhweet. Especially the parafin wax part, that was really suhhhweet.

We also went to O'Neill Christmas (extended family christmas party), Jon went to Lansing to walk through the house (which is rented out, HOOOOORRRAAAYY), Mom and Dad took me and Meg out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant, Dad and I beat everyone at ping pong and Meg and I played some mad Sequence.

Then we drove back to Bridgman to see this woman who fell and broke her femur while we were in Grass Lake:

Jon with Grandma Honey

And then, after having a wonderful night filled with fire in the fireplace, wine and skip-bo, we left early Thursday morning for a flight back to Houston. Jon got us upgraded to 1st class for every flight this trip, the flights were on time and B was awesome- I am so THANKFUL for smooth trips both ways!

However, we came home to this: (which is an entirely 'nother post)


T Heap said...

Love all the pics! I"m so glad you were able to go home for the holiday, especially Brennan's first Christmas! Talk to you soon!

Chaeli said...

Trish- I tried calling today but didn't leave a VM. . . I know you're a busy busy woman- call me whenever!

Jamie Bretveld said...

Great pictures! The boys are so cute. That's wonderful that you all were able to get together for Christmas. And you should be so proud of yourself for breastfeeding that long. You beat me by 7 months. Don't let anyone make you feel bad. I'm looking forward to the story behind that sad looking candle. Happy New Year!

jayfersgirl said...

I will leave no negative comment about your weaning Brennan, but I do want to say GOOD JOB!!!:) Way to nurse him as long as you have, and he will absolutely still reap the benefits of breastmilk by nursing morning and night...kudos to you:)
I'm still nursing Brooklyn (she'll be 17 months in 2 days)...before getting pregnant, I never thought I'd nurse that long, but we're both still happy with it for now:)
Anyway, good for you!:)

Chaeli said...

Thanks Cara! It is a sacrifice we mom's make for our kids- but I'm thankful I was able to do it for 10 months!
Did you get your rental house??