Monday, January 25, 2010

For the Grammy's in Michigan!

I was on the phone with Mom A (Grammy Ackerman) telling her how Brennan, for the first time, walked beside me as I held one of his hands. She told me I had to post a video of it on my blog for her to see. We were at the park today (Jon has the day off, and the heaven's rejoiced!!), so he took this short video- isn't B a stud muffin!!!? :)

We did a movie swap with friends this weekend- they watched Brennan on Saturday so Jon and I could go to a matinee and we watched their kids on Sunday so they could go. It worked out great! They have a trampoline and Brennan LOVED it. He was cracking up the entire time.


Erin Zubert said...

Ahhhhh, so cute!

Beforethehunt said...

watchout! nothing is safe now! Go brennan!