Monday, January 11, 2010

weekend recap

TheMet has this great program called Parents Night Out. They offer babysitting at the church on Friday nights for a low cost (and even lower if your on staff!!). I think we've only missed on PNO since we've moved here, ha! This Friday night we dropped off the B man and got sushi (I got chicken teriayki which was amazing because I hate sushi and you can't talk me into it cause I don't like it never will). Then we capped off our ultra romantic date with a trip to Target to buy baby formula cause that's how we roll.

Saturday we walked through the rental house again to take measurements and figure out some things. After lunch at whataburger with our friends, Justin and Rachelle, we spent the rest of the day at home. I worked out, made a shepherds pie for the first time and then we rented a movie.

Sunday we barely made it to church on time, went grocery shopping and worked on some side projects.

I'm about to give myself a little pat on thte back for all the blogging I've been doing lately but I don't have time- Brennan is attempting to eat computer cords again, adios!!!


Erin Zubert said...

Yaki Tori (aka Teriyaki Chicken) was the best thing ever when we went to a Sushi place too.

Erin Morgan said...

I have a recipe for a yakitori to make at home... super simple Rachael Ray recipe. We LOVE IT!! I wish our church had a great program like that. It is like pulling teeth to get my hubby to take me out now that we have kids. So glad you are taking these opportunity while you have them!

T Heap said...

Love all the blogging! I too wish we had PNO at our church. It is such a blessing.

I don't like sushi either :(

Chaeli said...

Erin- Send me the recipe!! Every time I've made a Rachael Ray recipe it has not been good- but I'm willing to try one based on a friends recommendation! hope all is well with you!