Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House Tour

Our new house is still very much under construction. Lots and lots of things we are working on and needing to do to it, but I thought it'd be fun to show a quick tour of the house "as is" this Tuesday morning.

Two things. There is a part 1 and part 2. Please watch Part 1 first. It's kind of funny. And he didn't pee on the floor, THIS TIME. Also, you may want to let it buffer all the way through before watching it.

(p.s. I'm sorry for the bad quality, it was either bad quality or editing it into three different segments and I didn't have the patience to do that.)

Part 1 (i.e. what it's like to try and get something done while being a mom):


Part 2:



Erin Zubert said...

Love it Chaeli! And I gotta say, I am starting to hear the Texas drawl in your voice. Too cute!

Aunt Sue said...

Great place. We'll put you down as one of our vacation destinations--maybe a road trip to Kansas and then on to TX! Thanks for the tour.

Jennifer said...

Hannah, Noah and I watched this together. It was fun to watch! I'm available to come back and organize some more. Let me know!

Chaeli said...

Erin- I think it was the word "temporary". I said it so southern, I'm a weirdo.

Aunt Sue- we love guests! Please come anytime. Maybe we can squeeze in some canning. I still would like to do that in August if anything is harvested then.

Jen- It would be awesome to have your expertise again!!!

Meaghan said...

I think my favorite thing is how B repeats what you say... "shopping!" "yeeeeaah!" "alrighty" and his maniacal laugh after jumping on the bed :) love it!!

Erin Zubert said...

Yeah it was more like "timp-oh-rary". Love it! And it's waaaay better than my lame Minnesotan accent (boo).

Zach & Sarah said...

Love, love, love this video tour! Your house is looking so nice! Brennan's little voice is SO CUTE!

Jonelle said...

Kailey watched the video with me and every bedroom she said, "OH, that can be my room!" Then the play room she said, "I want to go live in there, mom!" Every time Brennan was on the camera she said, "I want to play with that nice kid. He would love me." Between you and Brennan and Kailey's commentary, I was cracking up! Love your house, so glad things are going so well for all of you!!

Chaeli said...

Jonelle! I didn't know you read the blog, hi!!! Kailey is soo darn cute! Congratulations on the BOY!!! :)