Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots o' Firsts

Brennan has had a lot of firsts these past couple of weeks. I am so darn thankful that a lot of these transitions are going so well. Like my friend Trisha said, he's making us for the first year of his life, haha!

Like I mentioned before, he's basically potty trained! As a first time mama, it was an area I was kind of nervous about. I think the trick was that whenever we were home, we let him run around in his birthday suit (or with underwear on, Thomas the Train underwear if you must know). I read that tip from this blog. When the kiddos have accidents, you can tell them, "see that, that's you going pee pee (or tee tee as the southerners say). After a half day of accidents, he was starting to get the concept and sitting himself on the potty. I think it makes them aware of that sensation, when he was wearing a diaper, it was like he didn't even know he was going. We are facing one hiccup: he won't go without his potty insert, which means he won't go on public toilets! Any advice on this? I would hate to carry that potty seat around with me everywhere I go. ewww. Sometimes we just keep him in underwear when we're out and about and sometimes he wears a diaper. Usually he just holds it til we get home, but sometimes not (aka Target on Friday night).

Another big first for B, we took him to the movie theatres for the first time! We saw Cars 2. He sat in awe the entire time. Didn't make a peep. As for the movie? It was a bit intense, much different than Cars. I don't think it's anything terrible, but it seemed like a lot for a 2 year old.

And lastly, after finding Brennan reading his books instead of taking a nap last week (he had crawled out of his crib unbeknownst to me), we decided to switch his crib into a toddler bed. It has gone swimmingly. Not a big deal at all. He hasn't gotten out of bed at night or during naps (so far). Score 2 for the big B (not to be confused with Biggby, which I immensely miss).


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