Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gym, I'm not a Rat.

Here's today's weather from (my screen shot):

Not sure if you can see it, but it says 101. Feels like 156 (I don't exaggerate, right Meg?). Lord have mercy. Anyways, I've decided to get a gym membership every summer since most of our main activities have ended for the summer and it allows me to work-out and Brennan to get some socialization in. If I didn't, we'd stay in the house all summer long and that'd be pathetic. I just joined 24 hour fitness which is down the road from us and really convenient.

So far, I love it! I took a boot camp class yesterday that was a full one hour of intense plyometrics (jump moves), lunges, squats and a little step. I died. Today, I die. Saw the whole life flash before my eyes in the middle of planks with a twist. I just took a quick 15 minute hot bath while both Brennan and Kennady napped because I hurt. All over. Bad. But it feels soo good. I'm totally going next week. And I'm stocking up on more Advil.

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Meaghan said...

Good for you, Chae! the problem with exaggerating is that when you really are dying, who can tell the difference? ;) i kid. i enjoy it! also, its supposed to be 110 in AZ on Sunday so i hear you!