Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

I am blessed to have an awesome, God fearing Dad, great Father in law, and a wonderful daddy to our kiddos. The trifecta. Happy Father's Day to all three of you!

On a completely unrelated note. We have the bathroom mirror project almost completed. Here's a quick before and after of the master bathroom:



I think it looks so much better! We still need to paint over the caulk and finish the guest bathroom, but hey, progress! I got the idea from pinterest and we basically followed this blog's tutorial.


Laine said...

Kiddos... huh?
Did I miss something? :)

The mirror looks great!

Chaeli said...

Nope! You didn't miss a thing, but we don't want Brennan to be an only child (hopefully).

Erin Zubert said...

Love the mirror! Did you just go over the top of it along the bottom since there is no space for the trim?

Chaeli said...

We used liquid nails and glued the trim directly to the mirror on all four sides. There is some overlay on the sides, which we are using quarter round to make it look smoother. Does that make sense?