Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brazos Bend

We spent our Saturday at Brazos Bend State Park, just south of Houston. We really like exploring what Houston has to offer and love the different wildlife. We were a little concerned about the heat seeing that the heat index was 102 for the day. But it had a lot of shade, and a good breeze, and honestly, the heat wasn't too bad. Thank you Jesus!

Brennan sandwich on the lookout deck

We rode our bikes on a couple paths around lakes and were able to see a ton of alligators. This little man was hanging out on the bike path so we rode by one by one.

Chillin' in the water

Nate, Cailey and Brennan

We went with friends of ours and picnicked afterwards under a huge tree. I told Jon I want one of these in our backyard, tehehe.

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