Monday, October 4, 2010


For Jon's 31st birthday, I got some friends together for dinner out at the best Tex-Mex around, Pappasito's. They ended up serenading Jon not once, but twice (and once in a sombrero, ha!). Check out the video:

Tonight, for his actual birthday, we had a good meal at home (I made these and BBQ chicken) and Jon opened up his birthday gifts.

Happy Birthday, Jon!

(in unrelated news, the B man is sick sick sick. He has a fever and runny nose (and perhaps other symptoms we can't tell because he can't tell us). He was just a limp rag doll today, laying on our chests all day. We tried to break the fever with alternating motrin/tylenol, cool baths and washcloths but so far he still has the fever. Poor little man!!

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Trisha said...

Happy Birthday, Jon! Poor B..I hope he feels better soon.