Friday, October 1, 2010

Favorite Children's Books

I thought it would be fun to record what Brennan's favorite books are for memory's sake (since I don't have a memory that functions properly, or at all. . . )

Sandra Boynton is such a good children's author! The pages are short enough to hold attention spans and they're colorful and cute. And obviously, my son likes to chew so we're thankful they're cardboard books.

Brennan LOVES this book. Grandma A bought it for him and it saved our lives on our flight home from Christmas. The book is a love letter from the parents to the child, and it even has an insert where you can put your child's picture in it (and the book sings a little tune when you open it up).

And last but certainly not least, our son loves any book about cars. His Aunt bought him a set of books about a police car, an ambulance, a helicopter and a firetruck and we read those about 5 million times a day.

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jayfersgirl said...

We LOVE Sandra Boynton and books about cars over here too:)