Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hermann Park

Yesterday was the first Saturday in a while in which we were all three home together. We decided to celebrate by going downtown to Hermann Park for the evening. We had such a good time! The weather is beeaautiful right now.

We rode the train around the park which the B man loved since he's a little obsessed with Thomas the Train. When we were leaving the gift shop he said, "bye bye, Thomas". So cute!

We walked around, fed the ducks, watched the helicopters and enjoyed the night.

Why would he play with the dozens of fountains or playgrounds when he can play with our stroller?

We ate a quick dinner at Bodegas Taco Shop and my burrito was twice the side of my head, it was HUGE. But I ate it all. Can you believe it? YESss. I'm thankful for these days. How was your weekend?

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