Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When your sweet toddler. . . .

Hey friends! My mother in law pointed out that I haven't blogged in a while to which I responded, "I just don't have anything interesting to say!". Because really, life has been going along pretty well and we've been busy with friends and church and volunteering and etc. but nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

However, yesterday was an exception. Brennan locked me out of the house. He was inside the house, I was outside, and every single door was locked. Yep.

I ran out to the garage to get his sippy cup out of the CRV. I shut the door to the garage behind me because I didn't want B to run out and think it was time to play outside. When I went to open the door, I realized he had locked it. At first, he thought it was funny and kept laughing. After a few minutes though, he started to whine and then full out cry when he realized I wasn't coming back in. I tried to talk him into unlocking the door, but he had no idea how he did it. He locked me out of the car a few months back and somehow unlocked the doors but this wasn't the case this time.

So I ran to my neighbor who works from home and used her cell phone to call Jon. He thankfully wasn't too far away scouting a site for a video, so he came and rescued me. I had to sit by the front windows and talk/sing to Brennan til he came and that was a LONG ten minutes.

I'm roasting sweet potatoes and pumpkin right now so I should run. I will be back sooner than last time, PROMISE!


Laine said...

Great story! Someday B is going to crack up when you tell him about that! Evan and Seth beg me to tell them stories about when they were babies and the more trouble they get into the funnier they think it is. :) They've locked me out of the house so many times but thankfully one of the other doors has always been open. Jed just installed a keyless lock on one of our doors so now all I have to worry about is remembering the combination!

Chaeli said...

Oh, I'm so glad someone responded with a "that's happened to me story". I think we're going to have to put a key hidden in the garage or front porch somewhere because I have a feeling this phase isn't over :)

Meaghan said...

oh i know you must've been worried but it is hilarious!! brennan will LOVE that story later :) i can just see him giggling about it. glad Jon was close by!