Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm trying so hard to keep up with this blog, but it just takes backseat to more pressing things sometimes!! Here's a few updates from us this week:

We took a family day last Saturday (Saturday before? I can't remember. . .) and planned on taking Brennan to the Houston Zoo. The whole time Jon was gone, I told him we'd go to the zoo when he got back (he's into the zoo ever since watching the movie, Madagascar). But once we got there, he saw a train that the neighboring park has and got really excited about it. We let Brennan decide if he'd rather ride the train and play at the park or go to the zoo. He wanted the train.

So we took a train ride and hung out at Hermann Park instead of the zoo. We didn't mind, Hermann Park is one of our favorite parks in Houston.

Jon was still jet-lagging a bit from the trip, but it was still a great family day. Jon did AWESOME dealing with the time difference and jet lag and really was amazing.

Other updates? I had a court case this week for my CASA children and it went so so so great. I was nervous and sweating and furiously taking notes, but overall it went the way we wanted. I wish I could share all the details because it pumps me up, but I can't due to confidentiality. Afterwards, I treated my high heeled pregnant feet to a pedicure. :)

Between CASA work and having a garage sale and MOPS and Bible Study and watching Kennady and taking our Bradley classes and attending OB appts and cleaning and cooking and so forth, it's been busy around here!

Oh, and look what Jon brought home for me today:

A little burst of fall colors since Houston doesn't really get a fall.

Need to make some lunch for a few hungry kiddos around here. Adios!

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