Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jon's Birthday

Yesterday was Jon's birthday (Happy 32 years, honey!). He's right now en route to Nairobi, Kenya and I'm praying he and his long legs are decently comfortable. Not the funnest flights ever. Yes, "funnest" is a word.

It was fun to celebrate his birthday the last day before he left. He requested grilled steaks for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Thank you to Erin Zubert for the steak marinade recipe and thank you pinterest for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe EVER.

Jon's mom made matching aprons for B and Jon, arent' they adorable?

Our little helper mixing up the dough.

I was worried the cookies wouldn't turn out since I was missing an ingredient and accidentally added too much sugar. Seriously, where is my brain? I even had to borrow brown sugar from a friend at the last minute. There might be something to the so called "pregnancy brain".

But they turned out fantastic!!

After stuffing our faces, we walked to our neighborhood clubhouse for National Night Out. It's a night where fire/rescue/police bring their vehicles for the kiddos to see and to promote awareness and safety. There was a massive firetruck with it's ladder all the way up and Brennan thought he was in heaven. They also had food, inflatables, give-aways and various booths. Here's B in a police car. I told him it better be the only time I see him in a police car.

Jon, you may be able to read this in Kenya or Uganda. You are loved and missed. Capture some great footage and get your skinny booty back home.

Chaeli, Brennan and baby #2


Erin Zubert said...

Must have cookie recipe--it's a matter of survival!

Chaeli said...

Emailing you now. SO so so good! I used to make a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe my mom gave me, but alas, no more. And these just might even be better!