Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Stye in My Eye Part II

You guys. I have a court report to write for CASA, a Care Calendar to create for MOPS and about 20 more minutes before Brennan wakes up from his nap. But I just had to post my stye update for those familia members across the world (aka: Jon is Uganda, Meg in DC, Erin in Minnesota and Mama in MI).

As I said in my last post, the stye came back. Again. After speaking with a friend's mother who is an OB nurse, she said to call my OB office and have them send over paperwork explaining to Dr. Fish eye that it's perfectly acceptable to locally numb a pregnant mama.
I did this on Monday and had an appt on Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Fish eye still did not want to numb me, but I convinced him to do so. Let me tell you, night and day difference. He was able to really work on my eye this time and I think he finally got it all taken care of. I'm a little bruised under my eye where the clamps went, but who cares. I was really really nervous for the appointment, so thank you to everyone who called and texted, truly!

Also, I finally started working on our Ackerman family 2011 scrapbook (I stopped working on it when I got preggo in May). Here's a few pages I've been working on this past week:



Lacey said...

You weren't kidding when you said you and pregnancy don't go together! Goodness gracious, girl!

Annnnd you scrapbook. You're such an awesome wife/mom! I feel like life went by so fast these last almost-8 years. I haven't made one single scrapbook page. I'm hoping our blog will suffice for all the memories I should've scrapbooked about. Maybe someday I'll have all our blog entries printed/bound like a book. :-)

Chaeli said...

Lace- True story. I wish I was a pregnant mama who glowed and loved pregnancy. Nooope. And that's okay!

I know of a lot of people who turn their blogs into books- you could totally do that and have a already made scrapbook for your fam!