Friday, September 16, 2011

Odds and Ends

-This morning was our second MOPS meeting of the year. You all know my love of MOPS from previous posts. Our first meeting was a crafts meeting (we rotate crafts and speakers). We made a cute chalkboard canvas- here's Brennan modeling the one I made for his new bedroom:

- I think I told y'all how Jon traded in his video camera for a Canon 7D, right? Well, the camera is amazing. You don't have to be a good photographer, it just takes good pictures! Friends of ours just had a baby girl and asked me to take some photos for them with the new camera. She is a doll, check her out:

-We moved into our new house in May and worked hard on it for a few weeks, I wrote our progress out here and here. Well, then I found out I was pregnant and about a week later became super sick. And all progress came to a halt. Thankfully, I've been feeling pretty darn good (yay 2nd trimester, I loooove you) so we've started working on the house again. I ORB'd some fixtures around the house, here's a before and after of our dining room light fixture:



Please ignore the dead grass in the first picture. Texas is in DROUGHT and we decided to let the backyard grass go. Jon does water the front lawn, but it would have cost us and arm and a leg to keep the back yard watered. Not worth it. It'll pop up again as soon as it rains, if it ever rains. I find myself praying for a tropical storm or a hurricane or SOMETHING. Plus, there have been many wildfires in Texas and the state just needs some rain.

Ok, that's enough for now. How's that for an update?? Maybe a baby bump picture next time? Nahhh


Laine said...

I am seriously jealous of Jon's new camera! Thats awesome! I like the chalkboard canvas, its a fun idea! I'm really glad you're feeling better and blogging again!

Chaeli said...

I love your blog, too!! I'm still daily impressed by your ability to handle 4 boys and still be sane.

Katie said...

I vote baby bump!

john oneill said...

looks great...wonder if it would work on my brass door handles?

Chaeli said...

Here's the link we were talking about for door handles: