Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stye in the Eye

So about a year ago, I started getting styes in my eyes on a regular basis. Like one a week. I've inherited this gene from my dad, who used to get styes all the time, too. About 5 weeks before we flew to Michigan for my brother David's wedding, I got a stye on my bottom lid (right eye) for the first time ever. I've always had them on my top eye lid, not the bottom. And it hurt like the dickens. And it wouldn't go away. I kept waiting and waiting and eventually, it was too late to get into the doctor's before the trip.

So I had a huge red bump on my lower eye lid for the wedding, and the photos, and the seeing all the family and friends we haven't seen in forever. It was fabulous. My sis kind of saved me by pulling me aside 10 minutes before the wedding ceremony and putting black eyeliner on my lower lid to help cover it up. (thank you sis!!).

So when I got back to Texas (week 7 of the stye-that-won't-go-away), I finally called a random ophthalmologist and scheduled an appt. So get this- The guy is Asian, I have no problem with Asians, in fact I like them a lot, but he smelled like fish. Especially his breath. So I breathed in fish breath air the entire appt. And he told me that because I was pregnant, he would not use any anesthetic or pain medicine to numb my eye. He told me, "this is going to hurt, just keep breathing", and then cut open my stye and poked/squeezed it for about 15 minutes. I yelled. I probably scared all the people in the waiting room. In between "owwww, THAT HURTS!!" I told him, "don't listen to my yelling, please get this thing out!!". When I checked out, I asked the receptionist if they could hear me yelling and they said "yes, we felt so bad for you!". I told me I needed a stiff drink.

So anyways, it's not many weeks later and get this- the stye remains. See image below:
(self portrait taken with my cell phone)

My lovely fish Doctor told me that it "should be completely healed" but if any stye remained, I'd have to wait until I have the baby to have the rest taken care of. So I get to live with this puppy in my eye for about ohhh, 4 months. My OB told me that when you're pregnant, often your body does weird things (duh) and my body was just not able to heal itself from this stye like it normally would be able to. I'm telling you, I am a baaaad pregnant woman. Does not suit me well.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds horrific!! Eeek!!

Just think, only 4 more pregnancies to go after this one!! :)

Chaeli said...

Katie: you are sooo funny. (not).

Vincent Davis said...

Oh, the stye has probably healed by now… I agree, btw. Weird things happen when you’re pregnant. It’s good that you asked for your gynecologist’s help. How’s the baby? :D

Anonymous said...

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