Sunday, September 18, 2011

ORB Love

Hi guys! ("hey guys" it's such a northern thing to say. Down here everyone says, "y'all" instead. Which I just can't bring myself to say just quite yet, unless I'm kidding.). Today feels weird!! Weird because we woke up to rain and we haven't had rain in like, ya know, forever. It also feels weird because I haven't really seen my hubby for like, a month. And no, I'm not prone to exaggeration if you were wondering. No, but really, he's been swamped at work (swamped as in, working til 1:30 am every day), just got home from a conference, and is now pressed super hard to finish a side job that's due tomorrow. He told me stayed up til 12:30 this morning working on his side project and finally decided to go to bed after he realized he'd fallen asleep at his computer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for his job at The Met and I'm thankful for his side business (paying for a birth out of pocket isn't exactly, umm, cheap). But we're both ready for this season of craziness to be over. We get a good two weeks or so of "normal" hours until he leaves for Uganda. Whew.

I've been staying busy with house projects. Since staying home with B, I feel the need to complete projects BY MYSELF. To feel a sense of accomplishment. To say to myself, I did it, I can still get projects done even though I don't make a regular paycheck (besides my part-time nanny job). I took an ugly glass and gold light fixture from our entry way, taped it up (which took for-ever), spray painted it with 4 coats of oil rubbed bronze (ORB for you younghouselove followers) and I think it turned out great!! Here's the before and after:



I loooove ORB. It's a dark brown with specks of metallic color and it looks awesome. We also bought a spray can of silver/metallic paint so we could spray paint our gold ceiling fans. We started with the one in our master bedroom. I'd rather have a sweet looking light fixture above our bed, but it's Texas, and it's hot, so a ceiling fan is a necessity. No before to show, but I'm sure you can imagine a gold ceiling fan.

We recently bought a $70.00 round pedestal table from Goodwill that I've painted white. Once I finish the project (I'm applying a few coats of polycrylic to it), I'll post some photos up here. I'm affectionately calling our baby in utero our spray paint baby. Ha!


Laine said...

Hey Chae, I came across this a while ago and your post just reminded me of it.

I know its not for everyone but it can't hurt to know about (if you dont already that is).

I love all the projects you're doing! I remember when you use to claim that you weren't artsy or crafty at all! Look at you know!! Impressive!

Chaeli said...

Hey girl!
I'm sooo not crafty. It's all stubborn-ness on my part to get it done despite my mistakes. Just don't ask me to do something difficult, like sew, or math. :) We looked into Samaritan's Purse when we first moved down here. The crazy part is, I HAVE health insurance, but in Texas, unless your under a group policy, they won't cover maternity. PSHHH.

Katie said...

Dude, Chae, your ORB projects are inspiring me! I really want to do it to something!

Cliff bought an old, used dissecting microscope from MSU. It's a fun toy for us and for Charlotte in the future, but it's pretty ugly. I was thinking it would be cool if it were ORBd so that it would LOOK pretty too, and then I could display it somewhere! But, I'm kind of scared that I'd ruin it by getting paint onto one of the lenses or something....

Ok, there's my random thoughts about ORB. Enjoy. :)

Erin Zubert said...

Three posts in one weekend?! I knew you had it in you! Your light re-do's are inspiring me to get going on my dining room and kitchen lights. Any good tips?

Meaghan said...

you have quite the eye for cute decor! thanks for taking the time to write, its good to have you back :)

Anonymous said...

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