Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Trip- Part 2

Our church is going through a 21 day fast that started this past Monday and I've decided to give up desserts and Facebook and Twitter. FB and Twitter are huge distractions for me that I can spend far too much time with and dessert I just plain have no self control with. So that's how I made that decision. Jon is giving up ALL media, including radio, TV, Wii, internet, etc. So when he's home, I'm basically giving all those things up too so I don't tempt him. It's been crazy, we've slept great three nights in a row, when our bodies tell us were tired, we go to bed! Imagine that, ha! Life without media distractions, try it sometime! Anywho, I am still on email and am still updating my blog. Sorry it's taken me so long to get the rest of our Christmas posts up.

Soooo, after spending some time with the O'Neill family, we drove to Bridgman to be with the Zuberts and Ackerman's. We've been blessed that we're all able to come into town at the same time. (Side note, I was watching the Today show and the top 3 places for jobs are Minneapolis, Washington D.C. and Houston, where the Zuberts, my sister, and we all live, crazy!).

We exchanged gifts with the Ackermans (thanks Judy for sending us a box of gifts we could'nt fit in our luggage!!)

The boys got haircuts (Brennan's first "real" haircut)

Hung out with Jon's BFF, Carl.

Lincoln, Westin and Brennan

Walking through a Christmas lights display in St. Joe. It was cold. Really, cold.

After Bridgman, we spent one last day with my parents. We had a blast hanging out, playing with Steve's new Kinect game and my mom and I were able to scrapbook a little. The plane ride home was a little rough because we had to wake Brennan up early to make our flight and he was a crank-ster. But other than that, we can't complain. Thanks to everyone who picked us up and dropped us off at various airports and checked in on our house. It feels good to be back in the normal routine of things.

Be back soon, promise!

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Laine said...

Shoot I forgot you were on the facebook fast, I just sent you a message last night. I'll resend it to your email since you're still doing that. I'm glad you had fun up north! How did B do with his haircut?