Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well, we are pretty darn certain the B man has an ear infection but today was much better because Jon was home. Whew. On the drive from The Met to Chipotle last night for dinner, I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I was literally resting my forehead on the steering wheel while waiting at a light as Brennan cried/wailed in the background. If he's not doing better by Monday, I'll take him in to the doctor's for round 4/5 of antibiotics.

Anywho, today was a fun day! We went to a birthday party for a little boy who is 1 month older than Brennan. They are pals and his mom is such a blessing to me. We switch off babysitting so we can both go to hair appts and doctor appts and random stuff like that.

Afterwards, we went and looked at a few houses with our realtor. Here's the two we looked at:

*all images taken from

Our lease isn't up until May so we aren't ready to buy just yet, we're just checking out homes we find interesting and researching neighborhoods (and whoo-wee, there are so many neighborhoods to choose from, it's a bit overwhelming). Neither of these were "the one". We made every mistake you could make when buying our first home so we feel almost like we're first time home buyers this time around. During FPU this past fall, Dave Ramsey went through the 10 biggest mistakes you can make when buying a home and Jon and I we're just dying, we had made like 8 of them! If you want tips on what not to do, give me a call. :)

Time for bananagrams, ha!


Trisha said...

I guarantee we made more mistakes than you guys did! I don't know how long we'll be here, but if we ever move, you will be the first ones we call!

Jennifer said...

What are the 10 mistakes?

Chaeli said...

Jen, I can't remember them all, here's the ones I remember:
1) Use a realtor that has a proven track record (we were our realtors FIRST client)
2) Don't buy the nicest house in the neighborhood.
3) Location, Location, Location (you know that one already)
4)I can't remember the rest!

jayfersgirl said...

Those houses look awesome! It's such a great idea to start looking early and take your time.
We did that when we decided last winter to start looking for a rental house instead of staying in our tiny student apartment where the rent was constantly being raised.
We said "There's no hurry. We can stay where we are as long as we need to. Let's just look." It took so much of the pressure off, and we could just have fun looking and not feel badly about saying "This place is really nice, but it doesn't have that one really important thing for us" whatever that was.
We actually found our house really quickly (within a month of starting to look), and pretty much weekly, Jay and I look at each other and go "I love this house."
But I hope we'll have that freedom to take a little bit of time the next time we have to look, because it was so nice to just be able to take the time to find the exact right fit for us.