Thursday, January 6, 2011

Be back sooooon!

Hey friends!

Long time, no blog, sorry!! I figured we saw most of the people that read this blog in the last two weeks so it wasn't necessary. :)

I'm hoping to download all my photos from our Christmas trip to Michigan sometime today and will hopefully have a post up soon. It was such a great trip. The traveling went as smooth as can be which I am so grateful for. We literally walked through security at both the Houston and the Detroit airport (thank you family security lines!!). Jon didn't have to be "felt up" which was his greatest concern. :) Brennan traveled great, slept great (thank you Jesus) and was in general, a happy camper despite his double ear infection diagnosis the day before we left (ughhh). He doesn't travel well in a car (when does that get better??) but he did great while we were there.

It was so great to see all of you- I'm already planning our trip home this summer! However, we're glad to be home in our own beds. Now, if we could only get Brennan off of Michigan time and onto Texas time so he's not waking up at 6:15, all would be perfect. :)

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Kym said...

if he's like Kaitlin he won't like the car until about 4yrs old! Sorry but it's the honost truth and he seems like her in other ways, like not sleep well as a baby when traveling! Oh well, they make up for it by being so funny and cute!
it was great to see you!