Monday, April 12, 2010

Ahhh!! I just dropped my parents and Steve off at the airport, stopped at Walmart for some much needed neccesities, and put B down for a nap. It has been such a fun and relaxing time with my parents, but I'm so sad to see them go! Brennan LOVED loved loved having them all here- it was so fun for me to see him so happy. I hope he isn't depressed and whiney this week. :) Sorry I didn't blog while they were here- it just wasn't a priority and I didn't have a ton of time! I took hardly any photos, hopefully my mom sends me some!

Wednesday morning, Mom and I went to the Beth Moore Bible Study I go to at The Met. Then we met up with the guys and went to the Memorial City Mall to meet up with a couple that used to go to my dad's church and now live in Houston. We ate at a Mexican Cantina and then took their grandson and Brennan to the children's play place- and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. awesome. I HAVE to take him back there. He clapped and laughed the entire time we were there. I also took him on a carousel ride just for fun.

Thursday was another gorgeous day so we went to Kemah Boardwalk and Galveston Island. Kemah had a little amusement park- we went to ride the train but it needed maintenance. So we rode a couple other rides for free.

Mom and Dad on the Kemah train.

Galveston is a gorgeous little island on the Gulf of Mexico. We walked up the beach and played frisbee and then walked along the touristy shopping section. They have rebuilt a lot of the island since Hurricane Ike- but it was still crazy to see some of the damage Ike had done.

On Friday, my parents and Steve went downtown to Rice Village to watch a college tennis tournament at Rice University. Jon and I met them afterwards at our favorite park, Hermann Park. We walked around the Japanese gardens, FINALLY rode the train (I missed it when the Ackermans/Zuberts were down because I was so sick) and went to get Tapas at a yummy Tapas restaurant.

Jon and Brennan watching the ducks at Hermann Park.

Saturday Mom and I went and got pedicures and did some shopping. Afterwards we all went putt putting and then Mom and Dad graciously watched Brennan for us so Jon and I could go on a date. Thanks guys!!

Sunday was church and then after B's nap we went to the Traders Village to do some flea market shopping. Traders Village is like a huge garage sale. You can find basically anything you want, from pets, to furniture, clothes, and food. Mom and I got AWESOME knock off purses- she got a Coach and I got an Armani- SO fun!! All in all, a GREAT week. The guys played a lot of tennis at the courts in our neighborhood, we ate a lot of food, played cards and watched Gran Torino. Thanks for coming down guys!

So I hope to get LOTS more photos on here once my mom sends hers to me :) I'm off to clean the bathroom and do loads of laundry!!


Meaghan said...

Is Jon poppin' his collar? nice :) looks like fun and wonderful weather! love you

Chaeli said...

Meg, the weather was AWESOME!. I just looked at the pic of Jon and it DOES look like his collar is popped, haha!