Sunday, April 4, 2010


We found this bunny outfit a long time ago on clearance at Babies R Us. We might have even before he was born- it is Sooooo cute! He's going to hate us when he's older. I put it on him on Friday to see how it fit and I was on the floor laughing- he was running around the house and the outfit has a little round tail on the butt that was flopping everywhere. Surprisingly he didn't mind wearing it!!

This week has been a lot of work for Jon- working til 1:00 am on Friday night, working from 3-10 on Saturday and working today. But I knew it would be a lot of single parenting this week, so as long as I'm mentally prepared, I'm okay. :) All three of us took naps this afternoon and then met some friends at Red Robin's for dinner. We took B to Red Robin's in his outfit because I am THAT mom, and he was so cute!!!

He is risen. He is risen indeed.



Katie said...

I'm LOVING the bunny outfit- but you're right, he is sooooo going to hate you when he's older!! I would totally do the same thing though (and plan to!).
Hope you had a good Easter- did you see they set a date for the class reunion? Are you coming up for that?


LaineCusi said...

The bunny outfit is adorable!

Jennifer said...

He looked so cute last night!