Friday, April 10, 2009


What bottle have you found that worked the best for your baby (i.e. did not cause a lot of gas)?

We gave Brennan a bottle for the first time (Philips Avent), and it caused the poor guy to have gas all day. He kept waking up from his naps, and as soon as I'd pick him up, he'd burp. Caused for a long day for me and a long sleepless day for him.



Erin Morgan said...

We used Dr. Brown's Bottles... And although there are more parts to clean, we very rarely had trouble with gas. You can also get a baby drop called Mylecon from Target (in the baby medicine section) that helps the gas rise to the top. We got that and used it a couple of times.

Good Luck!

Erin Zubert said...

We also used the Dr. Brown's bottles and we also had hardly any gassy episodes. But yeah, it sucks to clean em!

LaineCusi said...

I used gas relief drops for both Evan and Kane. After trying several differnt bottles it was the only thing that really helped.

Chaeli said...

oh yes, we would die without the gas relief drops!!!

josh and michele said...

Dr. Brown's all the way.
Lorens has had his fair share of digestive issues, but Dr. Brown's bottles never give him any problems. We use the glass bottles and bought the dishwasher basket for all the parts.

jayfersgirl said...

I see everyone else already gave you this idea, but Dr. Brown's bottles are great, because of the little insert thing that somehow magically helps with the whole air getting into the baby and causing issues:)