Tuesday, April 28, 2009

(is that not the funniest picture ever?!!!)

So there are some blogs (this one too)that I follow on a regular basis, and several of these people are currently on a Compassion trip to India. And right now, I just wish I could be with them! If I could carry Brennan in a sling with me everywhere I go, and somehow get past my hubby, mom and mom in law before they kill me, I would so be THERE! But for right now, I'll settle for experiencing the trip through their blogs and praying for them! Speaking of India, Jon and I just watched Slumdog Millionaire the other weekend, pretty sweet movie, huh? I love how authentic and real that movie was- that is real life India, the here and now.

On the Brennan front- we had a ROUGH day yesterday. It started off with him not sleeping well AT ALL (kill me now). The rest of the day, he was just not happy. He wouldn't go down for naps, wouldn't let me put him down in his bouncer, whined, cried, cried some more, etc. I took his temp because I thought maybe he was getting a fever or feeling sick, but it was just fine. I texted Jon and told him we had a devil child on our hands, so thankfully he came home a little early to help out. Strangely enough, he slept GREAT last night (7 hrs straight), and is being a peach this morning and is currently taking a nap (we'll see how the rest of the day goes). Every once in a while (he's had three so far), he has these days where he is just horrendous- and I think that was just one of them. Thankfully I dealt with it emotionally much better than the other two times. Jon actually said to me, "you look really good for having the day you had". I think he was expecting me to have a red, swollen face from crying!

I need to get some things done before the little man wakes up, adios!


Erin Zubert said...

I wish I could say those days stop happening, but Westin still has "demon child" days. Thankfully not very often. Who knows what's going on in their little heads or their little bodies. Just chalk it up to being in a funk. I have those days sometimes too and I'm sure my family wonders what's wrong with me:)

Erin Morgan said...

I didn't realize that you had such a heart for India. Ken and I have some friends who are missionaries in India... you should check out their website and blog. Ken and Ernesto went to HS together. www.claycups.net

Finnegan had a 'devil child' morning after he decided he didnt want to leave the doctors office. He was hitting me and then didn't want to get into the car! Oh, man, it was not fun!! Just know we all have them! And you're doing a great job!!

Chaeli said...

Erin Z- we wonder about you ALL the time :) just kiddin. .

Erin M- I just have a heart for third world countries- though India's probably a 2nd world country now.

Only mothers can relate to the devil child syndrome- thanks for your symphathy's!!

T Heap said...

Cute picture! Brennan is plumping up :)
We just watched Slumdog Millinaire last night. Great movie! I just kept thinking about how good we have it here, and how often I complain about things I don't have.

Yea! for not having a complete emotional breakdown on the "devil-child" day! Those days are hard, but I like what Erin Z. said...even I have days where I cry and whine and can't figure out what's wrong!

You're a great mom!

LaineCusi said...

Love the pictures of Brennan! I think my fave pictures of the boys are the silly ones! Now that Evan and Seth are older we look at their baby pictures and they think its so hilarious to see themselves as babies especially when they're making weird faces. Its great!
Anyway, I keep telling Jed that the only way I want to have more kids is if they're born and after a week grow into a well adjusted 1 year old! :) Oh how I miss sleep!

jayfersgirl said...

When Brooklyn has one of those days, it's definitely frustrating, but I just keep saying to her "I know, we all have those days. I have them too!" cuz, man, we definitely have those funky days where you just want to sit and pout and cry:)