Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Recap And a Thank You

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post (especially you, Cathi, YOU COMMENTED!!! :) We've tried a lot of those ideas already (using a timer, or an alarm clock, etc.) We're going to just keep experimenting and see what works. I do so cherish that alone time, so there will be SOME form of quiet time in his own room by himself. Even if it requires wailing and gnashing of teeth to get there. B isn't a compliant kid, but he isn't strong willed either, he's right in the middle. So we'll see! I'll try to remember to give a nap time up date in a few months to let y'all know what worked.

Friday morning, we drove to Corsicana, TX to visit friends of ours who recently moved out there for a new job. We know what it's like to move to a new city and to be away from friends and family. We just wanted to hang out and encourage them. We had a great time! Ate some pizza hut, watched the boys play, walked around downtown Corsicana (yes, there is a downtown :) and hung out. Here is Will and Brennan at a little park they had:

We came back Saturday after lunch, stopped at HEB for some groceries, ran home and I took off for a girls night with our life group at The Met. We went to Sam Moon, a sweeeeet jewelry/purse/shoe store in The Woodlands (Mom and Mom A, we're totally going to go there when you come visit). Then out to dinner and some window shopping at Market Street. It was a blessing to get in some girl time before la bebe arrives.

It's now bright and early Sunday morning and after church today, we have 45 tech art volunteers and families coming over to our place for lunch. Where are those 45 people going to sit? I have no idea. This shall be interesting. :) I have a house to clean, clothes to unpack, and chili to cook, so I guess that means I need to get off this thing. Just wanted to thank you all for your comments!


Jennifer said...

Sam Moon and Market Street are fun!

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