Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban GL

At my parents house we basically stood around and shot assault rifles all day, what can I say?

No, really, we did. See? Even my Grandpa took some shots:

Just kidding. We had a great time in Grass Lake. It was filled with card games and food and family and the Chelsea Street Fair and a little bit of Rock Band. We were able to see Katie and her new baby, Charlotte and I'm so excited they're coming to visit in a few weeks! We drove to Lansing one day to see some friends and check on our house (and our expensive trees we had put in a few weeks ago).
On Friday we drove to Grand Rapids to see John and Kym and Andy. They both have recently bought new homes and it was so fun to see them. John and Kym have an awesome backyard so we had a BBQ and let the kids play on these things:

Brennan and Kaitlin. Pretty much Brennan was in heaven. He's slightly obsessed with CAWWWWS.

Everyone was home, including my sister and brother in law from DC and my Grandpa from Buffalo, NY. It was really cool for me to see how much my brothers loved Brennan and interacted with him. It's hard to be this far knowing they are missing out on a lot of his life.

We were able to stop by my college roommate's house on the way to GR. She amazes me in many aspects, especially how she can raise 4 kiddos and still have a clean house and be so productive. So good to see you and your beautiful kids, Lacey!

I'm really glad my Grandpa was able to fly in from Buffalo, NY. He's so good with the kiddos and so energetic. He's pretty much one of my favorite all time people- if you ever read this Grandpa, thans for coming up!!

And now I'm going to wrap this puppy up so I don't start crying. Adios!


Jon Ackerman said...

Great blog sweetheart! Love the pictures and really had a great time with you. One of the most relaxing vacations I have been on with you.

Lacey said...

It was GREAT to catch up with you three. Thanks for stopping by. Let's do it again next time you're up in Michigan!

Anonymous said...

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