Monday, August 16, 2010


This weekend, I just really needed a win. You know what I mean? I was feeling like a lot of stuff was just not going good and I was feeling really defeated. I'm sure you can tell that from my last post.

Saturday morning, Jon, B and I went out to lunch and stopped by Goodwill really fast. I'm browsing through the toddler clothing racks and Jon comes around the corner with a scrapbooking rolling tote! Can you even believe it? It was a whopping $7.99.

See, I decided to get into scrapbooking this spring because I wanted to make Jon a scrapbook for Father's Day. I already had a ton of supplies because Jon has been wanting me to get into scrapbooking for forever and bought me most of the basics. It's been awesome for me because our small group gets together one Friday night a month to hang out and scrapbook. So now it's become more of a social thing for me than anything. And I loved going home to scrapbook with my mom and sis in law this past vacation.

But I've really been wanting a rolling tote so I won't have to carry everything to and from The Met for scrapbooking nights. But they're kind of pricey- like $75.00 ish. I know it's a small win, but it's a win none the less that we found one for so cheap! Who doesn't like finding a sweet deal?

Oh, here's a photo of the tote and some cute clothes we found B at Goodwill. I love thrift stores!


Katie said...

Dude, what's up? Give me a call if you want to talk!!

T-minus 13 days!

Jon Ackerman said...

Hey hon, waking up next to me is always a win! Wait, that is kinda like the card I got you a few years ago, but better! Love you babe!

jayfersgirl said...

That's a great deal! Jay got me one of those several years ago for my birthday I think from Hobby Lobby, and it was WAY more than that:)